I enjoy Tricia's videos so much. She is so intelligent, honest, delicate and well meaning. And she is a lovely, very genuine young woman, who is trying to cope with life's biggest issues using psychobabble techniques, which is like trying to be healthy on a diet of Cocoapuffs. Sadly, she is an example of my worst nightmare about the NDE videos which naively extoll the unconditional love of God experienced on the other side. Memo: this world is a vale of tears, no kidding.

How wonderful and very unique that she has come forward to admit what happened to her. This is so important. Write the ebook, Tricia, it will be a best seller.

After her NDE experience, filled with the rapture of God's love, Tricia was raped in Korea. Horrible. Shocking. However, my experiences with my own husband have left me a sadder but wiser person. I loved him totally and was always supportive and loyal to him, but he lied to me throughout our 35 year marriage, telling me he loved me, and all the while chasing other women. Though his misbehavior ruined his career and sent him to an early grave, in his mind, he blamed me. Even people you love and know very well can violate you. Cheating and lying to your wife is a kind of rape. And Tom was an all American Paratrooper, successful actor Tom O'Rourke, and God fearing Catholic.

Our minds are our spiritual connection to the other side. Due to Tom's childhood abuse and alcoholic parents, he had a very sick mind, which told him convenient lies. It is only through understanding ourselves and our complex minds in the tradition of Freud and Jung and others, and through finding a truthful and well informed understanding of our life experiences that we can begin to know ourselves. Ignorance and naiveté lead us into sin. There is so much in this world that confuses the course of true love and every kind of love, and so many of our experiences and people we know and trust mislead us for their own sick purposes. Always keeping our aim straight toward a loving God is probably impossible for any human being. But we can improve our aim if we keep trying.

Even the North Koreans who beat and starve their fellow Koreans tell themselves they are doing right and love their country. But they will kill you, rather than question their practices and motives.

Like my husband, they tell themselves lies to cloak their sins from themselves and justify their evil.

How did I find out about my husband's lifelong cheating and lies? Read FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY HAIR - Second Sight on Kindle.


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