Friday, June 9, 2017


Because of I have had some very personal but intriguing psychic experiences, which I write about in my book, I am always on the lookout for what other people are talking about in the psychic field. One of the popular topics these days is the idea of soul plans and soul groups. This view of life as I understand it is that we picked the incidents in our life as a way to develop our soul qualities and virtues. The idea, very generally, is that we are in the physical plane to learn in a kind of, if you will pardon my theatrical metaphor, school for scoundrels. 

This interpretation of life seems to me to be the ultimate in egotistical grandiosity. I cannot accept the idea that we and our soul groups chose to experience disasters, disease and horrific tragedies simply to serve as an education, or, as Robert Schwartz seems to imply with his white soul in a white room metaphor, to differentiate our soul and make it perceptible. What a very cruel and callous universe that would lead one to accept. 

It seems to me and it is also what has been hinted at by my own experiences with my husband's communications from the afterlife, that we are here as it says in the Lord's Prayer: to participate in some way, which only faith can give us assurance of, in God's "kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." We are obviously a long way from things on earth being done as they are in heaven, but that is the cross we must pick up and bear, aiming toward God's kingdom here on earth which we can help accomplish only by loving God to the best of our understanding. 

But, I am not calling into question the veracity of what Robert Schwartz or many other psychics feel they have seen on the other side. I'm sure what they see is true, but I feel their interpretation of their visions is limited by their own understanding of who they are and of God.

In life, we all have knowledge that gives us special insight into the areas we know about. A car mechanic can look at an engine, tinker a bit, and know what's wrong with it. But a car mechanic doesn't know how to speak French, unless he's studied it. Psychics can see into the world of spirit and tell us things they see there, but they may not have an understanding of people and life that a psychologist, a novelist, or a social worker might have. 

Having studied a bit of chemistry, I can assure you chemistry is extremely complex, and I imagine humanity in all its glory and horror is at least as complicated as chemistry, and very likely far more intricate. 

Soul plan? Agree to have your head cut off? We are here, we want to live, even if we don't always love our life or life in general. Our life is the ultimate mystery and a gift from and perhaps to God.