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When my husband of thirty-five-years showed me in a lucid dream that he'd been a secret cheater during our entire marriage, I was shocked and devastated, having always believed we were happily married. He was dead and gone. I had been left all alone unable to understand why he did the things he did. As I was going through all my subsequent emotional turmoil and completely new understanding of my life, the psychic messages and events continued. Sometimes, they were helpful and encouraging and other dreams showed him dallying with women on the other side, some of whom I had known when they were alive.

Cheating Tom didn’t seem unhappy, sometimes he looked quite happy, but that cheating Tom always ignored me and wanted nothing to do with me. Big questions arose. Where was God in all this? Previously, I had not believed in the Devil, but now I was sure I was seeing him quite often in my husband. If Tom’s secret self had been created by his childhood neglect and abuse, then he must hav…

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