Amazing Evidence of Reincarnation

I'm not a fan of reincarnation. My psychic experiences so far have not given me any insight into the topic. But once you watch this video and see that people in Australia go to places in France and England with full knowledge of obscure roads, chapels, rivers, old ruins, the floor plan of a medical school from a hundred years ago, known now only to one man, you will be amazed. 

Bear with the video, it starts off sounding somewhat silly, but hang in there because it's the best scientific detective work done yet on reincarnation.

The reactions of the subjects who are taken to the locales of their past lives are shockingly emotional. It almost makes you fear there may be some sort of health repercussions to visiting your former life familiar places and home.

While these experiments do prove to my satisfaction that we can and do reincarnate, I still have many questions. For instance, since in my psychic experiences, time does not exist as we know it, how can there be 'past' lives? Also, this research does not either verify or refute the idea that earth is a school for souls, an idea I find cruel. One of the past lives is hauntingly cruel and raises many questions about reincarnation.

Just thought this was such well documented and well conducted research on reincarnation that I wanted to share it.

How does the story of Tom O'Rourke relate to reincarnation? Perhaps his secret cheating self which was never brought into the light of his understanding is the bad karma that must be reincarnated and given another chance to experience love.

This is the strangest afterlife story you will ever read. A man with a divided soul, one in hell and one in heaven, came back to confess the truth and expose how the devil ruined his life. A must read for anyone struggling to reconcile sin and mental illness.


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