The very first time I ever consulted a professional psychic, I was long past the parlor trick stage of seriousness. The medium did not have to come up with "things there was no way they could have known by googling me" type of information to prove they weren't faking it. I already knew that I could and often did see the future, and that my dead husband as well as other members of my family were visiting me and communicating with me. I had tried for years to disprove what was happening, but at last accepted those experiences as true.
Also, I took communications from the other side VERY seriously. Frankly, they scared me to death, metaphorically, of course. The first time I called a psychic was because I was about to initiate a move across country and was looking for some support or insight about that decision. A friend had a psychic she occasionally spoke to so I called her. The session was all very vague and rambling, but she certainly got the message that I belonged in Washington State. I felt reassured.
Another unusual feature of that session was that it showed me that when I consult a medium, it is emotionally exhausting. It's as if I've stuck my soul into an electric socket. After this session and all the others, but one, I have had to lie down and sleep for several hours. Mediums say that the receptivity of the sitter makes no difference in their ability to read the spirits, and I believe them. I think my response is some peculiar feature of how my psychic ability works. I have heard that other people get confused and tired when they are being read by psychics, so it's not that unusual. But the first time it happened, it was as if I'd just gotten off the scariest ride at the boardwalk and was so dizzy and disoriented that I had to lie down and recover.
The second time I set up a session with a medium was the only time I didn't get that feeling, and I now believe I know why. This was an in person session with a medium who was very into Egyptian mystic things. When I arrived at her house, she had already been contacted by someone passed over who was related to me. It was a person who I would NEVER have contacted for any reason, a person who everyone in the family felt safer because that person was dead and buried. So, this person coming through was a disturbing shock. And this woman also did something where she was able to get into my mind just briefly showing me a symbol of herself as a bird by an open window. I think she was doing magic of some sort, which I knew nothing about and still don't. But, when I was with her, I never got that soul in the socket feeling. I think I was being protected from her because she was dangerous to me, somehow. Needless to say, I never contacted her again.
I took several courses in spiritual growth at the Simply Spirit Center with Jill Miller, who is a lovely, gentle clairvoyant and healer. I did this because I couldn't imagine how this psychic stuff could possibly work or be taught and was curious. I went to an open house and the reader there was instantly contacted by a man whose name she said was Ron. I had no idea who it could be. Couldn't remember anyone named Ron. Then suddenly I said, Ron Silver? Yes. I had studied acting with him and he was my friend for many years. Then he got married to his live in and I got married to mine, and we had lots of evenings together as couples. But when he appeared to the medium, completely unexpectedly, I suddenly realized that studying about spiritual things with a diverse group of interested people would be much like the interesting times we'd shared studying acting together: intense, psychological, freeing and meeting interesting people. He had died of the same thing Tom died of, at the same hospital just months before Tom passed away. In fact, they had done a scene together in a movie just before they both were diagnosed with inoperable esophageal cancer. Very strange how our lives crossed paths so many times, without ever really getting any closer to each other.
At any rate, I loved studying with Jill and learning about chakras. Meditating is very relaxing, energy massages are wonderful and it was a terrific learning experience. I have the greatest respect for Jill Miller who is a very intelligent, gifted person in every way. My big proof, which is kind of funny, but sometimes it's the small things that are more convincing than the big stuff, occurred in Jill's class on developing your psychic powers. We got in touch with our psychic vision by meditating, and when we had cleansed our energy and connected the earth energy to the universal spirit energy, we would use our sixth chakra in the forehead to visualize a movie screen, ask a question and let a rose appear. Then we were to interpret the rose for the information that the universe was giving us.
I know this all sounds ridiculous, but hang in there with me, because it was fascinating the way the universe really did answer. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, usually a rose of some sort would appear. So we were assigned partners to do an exercise where they asked a question and we looked at our rose to see what kind of answer we got. My partner was a lady with a terrific sense of humor, a real no nonsense, down to earth person, the last person in the world you'd expect to be in a class for psychics. I prepared myself, got ready for the rose to appear, and she asked her question. She said tell me about my foot. I told you she was funny. So gradually this rose appears. I struggle with it. The stem was a bit twisted, the rose drooped a bit, but looked pretty healthy. I told her all this. She said she'd had some kind of operation on her foot. I felt like a failure for not getting anything more. So I said I'm not getting much and the darn rose won't come into the middle of the screen, it just stays on the right. She laughed and said it's my right foot. So, I did get one very important fact about her foot. I didn't interpret it correctly, but it had been literally staring me in the face.
I've read a million books on psychic's and mediums. I almost always learn something from each book. While there are many interesting similarities, each psychic and medium is very different, so they bring different insights to us from the world of spirit as they see it. In the way that no two novelists have the same vision of the world they write about, no two psychics see the spirit world in the same way. And none of their visions is the definitive vision. This is why I stick to Christianity. The vision of the world that Jesus had seems to me the most tested and reliable vision, but there have been as many artistic representations of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, God, the Holy Spirit as there are psychic's and mediums' visions of the afterlife, so I see that as a win/win situation. Enjoy the loving visions of your fellow seekers of every spiritual persuasion, religion and tradition. Except for the pure magic stuff. That scares me.
My Christianity is derived from Julian of Norwich. I don't believe there is any wrath in God. I believe by sinning, we find self-knowledge and the way to God. I believe sin is caused by ignorance and naivety. I believe God has sent us here, but that we fell down in a sort of a deep trench, as Julian saw it in her vision, and we are bruised and find it hard to get back to God. I believe God loves us and will glorify us for all that we suffer here. I think he appreciates our love of him more than we can understand in this life. I believe Jesus will save us all. "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well." 

How did I find out about all these spiritual things? From my dead husband. Read the whole unbelievable story in FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY HAIR - Second Sight on Amazon Kindle 


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