When my husband of thirty-five-years showed me in a lucid dream that he'd been a secret cheater during our entire marriage, I was shocked and devastated, having always believed we were happily married. He was dead and gone. I had been left all alone unable to understand why he did the things he did. As I was going through all my subsequent emotional turmoil and completely new understanding of my life, the psychic messages and events continued. Sometimes, they were helpful and encouraging and other dreams showed him dallying with women on the other side, some of whom I had known when they were alive.

Cheating Tom didn’t seem unhappy, sometimes he looked quite happy, but that cheating Tom always ignored me and wanted nothing to do with me. Big questions arose. Where was God in all this? Previously, I had not believed in the Devil, but now I was sure I was seeing him quite often in my husband. If Tom’s secret self had been created by his childhood neglect and abuse, then he must have succumbed to the devil’s influence as a child, when he was too young to defend himself. How does God deal with souls like Tom’s? If his sins were caused by mental problems, what happened to him when he died?

As I had previously researched psychic literature to understand my own paranormal experiences, now I got hooked on Near Death videos. One common feature of many near-death experiences was that in the presence of the loving light, people were allowed to judge their own lives. Until you think about it, this seems like getting off easy. But what if you were like Tom, eagerly pursuing a salacious, secret life that ultimately led to self-destruction? If Tom didn’t see his cheating as a sin, did that mean he was going to spend all eternity smoking, drinking and defiantly chasing women for sex? Could that secret self ever understand that it might be the devil who had power over his mind and body in life and after death?

What happens to lost souls like Tom's? What follows is the story of one man’s soul in life and in death. Tom never understood why he did what he did, but perhaps I can remedy that to some extent. This is a cheater’s true story, the real story of his false hopes, physical and mental suffering, hell, and karma.

This is the strangest afterlife story you will ever read. A man with a divided soul, one in hell and one in heaven, came back to confess the truth and expose how the devil ruined his life. A must read for anyone struggling to reconcile sin and mental illness.


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