Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Miracle of the loaves and fishes painting by
Jaime Lynne Dillon

I’m sure we all experience insights when we pray. I’m sharing mine because it relates to my book, and I think it might be heartening to other writers and artists. Working as a writer is dark and lonely work. I heard it once described as heavy lifting while sitting. Yes, it seems like that sometimes. Now, I am in the process of promoting my books, which is also lonely work.

The principle problem is to establish yourself as particular voice that is worth listening to, which is similar to a new term: branding. I have been searching blogs, looking for places where I might find the kind of people who would be interested in my book. I have tried to clarify who I am on my Marcy Casterline blog. But it is a daunting task. There are millions of blogs out there. It’s very time consuming and I was becoming discouraged. What did I have to offer these blogs?

This is where I was one night when I decided to make a personal appeal to Jesus. Understand, I am not one of those people who talks about Jesus like I just got off the phone with him. No. Religion seems too personal to discuss in such a familiar way in casual conversations. However, I was feeling so low and so lonely that I needed to call on Jesus personally just to feel that some actual human being would keep me company in my solitary endeavor.

And he was right there. His appearance was brief, but kindly. And he showed me a vision. I saw a mosaic of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. I think it was depicted as a mosaic so that I wouldn’t just think I was seeing fish and bread. In the mosaic, the loaves and fishes were pouring out of a small basket. But, in a flash, I understood. I had been looking at my small basket and seeing only two fish and a couple of loaves of bread, which seemed way too little substance to feed the many blogs that I would have to take care of to get attention for my book. But Jesus was telling me to have faith and I would find that my basket would provide me with plenty.

I felt the lesson was that if you have faith, you will be rewarded with abundance of what you need. I hope this message encourages all artists in their work. You may feel that your basket barely has enough to feed yourself, but if you have faith in your work, the fish and bread will keep flowing for you.

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